Definition of gentle breeze in English:

gentle breeze


  • A light wind of force 3 on the Beaufort scale (7–10 knots or 13–19 km/h).

    • ‘Choose your wind chimes according to the varying wind speeds - from a gentle breeze to a raging storm.’
    • ‘Puffy white clouds filled the clear blue sky and a gentle breeze blew over the fields of green grass.’
    • ‘A gentle breeze started to blow, gently at first, then stronger as it slowly turned into a gale.’
    • ‘The sky was clear, the sun was out, and there was a gentle breeze that blew your hair just enough to make it look really nice.’
    • ‘During the evening, a gentle breeze sweeps through the entire area.’
    • ‘With blue skies and a gentle breeze out of the south-east, we slipped past wooded islands, large and small.’
    • ‘Serena gasped as a gentle breeze blew over the water and it soon increased to gale force winds.’
    • ‘A gentle breeze danced lazily past the wagon, Annika's blond curly hair riding the wafts.’
    • ‘A gentle breeze was blowing by, but for the first time in several months, Evelyn didn't mind.’
    • ‘We walked in silence for a while, soaking in the gentle breeze and cool sunshine.’
    • ‘The candles that lit the room flickered for a moment as a gentle breeze swept by.’
    • ‘The constituent parts must be sufficiently thin and light to allow a gentle breeze to stir them.’
    • ‘A gentle breeze wafted through the openings in the porch of her tiny cottage behind Ambrose Manor.’
    • ‘Lush trees rustle in the gentle breeze and there are chirps all round, amidst the green canopy and from the marshy corners of the pond.’
    • ‘It was pleasantly warm, with a gentle breeze - perfect weather, in her opinion.’
    • ‘The warm, humid, sea air carried on a gentle breeze transported me to a state of immediate relaxation.’
    • ‘A gentle breeze blew in from an open balcony, the silk curtains wavering around in a delicate manner.’
    • ‘She paused as a gentle breeze blew through the window, caressing her cheek.’
    • ‘As Larisa walked around outside, the gentle breeze played with her shoulder length brown hair.’
    • ‘The wind started out as just a gentle breeze, but soon evolved into a strong blow.’