Definition of genista in English:



  • An almost leafless Eurasian shrub of the pea family, which bears a profusion of yellow flowers.

    Genus Genista, family Leguminosae: many species, including dyer's greenweed and several kinds of broom

    • ‘You will notice the green fields and woods, the gray of the granite, the bright colours of the heathers, genistas, oleanders or brooms and ancient small and picturesque villages.’
    • ‘A variety of flowers and plants including genistas, acacias, jonquils, tulips, and palms were placed at the base of the eight towering columns.’
    • ‘Here we can gaze upon the green from the pine-wood and fields, the grey from the granite and schist, the live colours from the genistas, the heathers, the shrubs and the oleanders.’
    • ‘The area is turfed with crescent shaped borders planted with deep blue cineraria, white echiums and yellow genistas and other various bedding plants.’
    • ‘Although there are other genistas suitable for the rock garden, the species vary in hardiness and habit.’


Modern Latin, from Latin, ‘broom plant’.