Definition of genipapo in English:


(also genipap)


  • 1A tropical American tree whose fruit has a gelatinous pulp which is used for flavouring drinks and to make a black dye.

    Genipa americana, family Rubiaceae

    Also called genip
    • ‘The hillsides are intensely covered by molle pepper trees, ferns and genipaps that make a deep contrast with the grey and pink coloured rocks.’
    • ‘The heavy leaf fall of the genipap is important in improving the soil of the plantation.’
    • ‘The Kayapo wear intricate beadwork and headdresses in ceremonies and decorate their bodies with dye coming from the plants genipapo and urucu.’
    • ‘According to Brazilian Percussion's website, the shell is made of macaíba wood and the counterhoops of jenipapo wood (a tropical, fruitbearing tree also known as genipap).’
    • ‘The genipap is native to wet or moist areas of Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and from Guadeloupe to Trinidad.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A drink, flavouring, or dye made from the fruit of the genipapo.
      • ‘They are famous for tattooing around their mouths with genipapo, a black dye made from an Amazonian fruit.’
      • ‘Detailed, symmetrical motifs, traced in ink obtained from the mixture of genipap with coal dust, still characterize the corporal painting of the Kadiwéu.’
      • ‘They have their bodies painted with annatto dye and genipap.’
      • ‘Epi grated his hands, his arms, and finally all of himself, so that he became mixed in with the genipapo.’
      • ‘They also collect large quantities of genipapo for body painting, vines for fishing, and a great variety of medicinal plants.’


Early 17th century: from Portuguese jenipapo, from Tupi.