Definition of geniculate body in English:

geniculate body

(also geniculate nucleus)


  • Each of two protuberances on the inferior surface of the thalamus which relay auditory and visual impulses respectively to the cerebral cortex.

    • ‘On the right side of the illustration, medial and lateral geniculate bodies - which together constitute the metathalamus - can be recognized.’
    • ‘Neurons from the lateral geniculate nucleus then send axons to the visual cortex.’
    • ‘The ventral notch in the lateral geniculate body was filled with optic tract fibers and these have been removed to show the nucleus.’
    • ‘At the rear end of the thalamus are the smaller medial and lateral geniculate nuclei, relaying auditory and visual pathways, respectively, to the auditory and visual areas of the cortex.’
    • ‘The ventrally placed notch in the lateral geniculate body is readily seen, with optic tract fibers terminating on both sides of this deep ventral groove.’