Definition of geneticist in English:



  • An expert in or student of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics.

    ‘geneticists have discovered a ‘thinness’ gene’
    • ‘A geneticist at the university is offering commercial genetic ancestry tracing to those who want to trace their genetic lineage back to Africa.’
    • ‘According to geneticists, the overwhelming majority of people who think they have American Indian forebears are wrong.’
    • ‘He established a scholarship honoring a popular geneticist who supported the New Mexico alfalfa industry.’
    • ‘For starters, this plant geneticist is developing low-sugar watermelons.’
    • ‘Geneticists pointed out that, in general, heritable traits show higher variability within populations than between them.’
    • ‘Clinical molecular geneticists spend their working lives finding, naming, and investigating genetic mutations.’
    • ‘Our geneticists are studying these experimental fish to learn more about the information locked inside trout genes.’
    • ‘Scientists everywhere, mainly geneticists, do cloning of particular animals almost routinely.’
    • ‘The scientists, three molecular geneticists and an evolutionary anthropologist, say we are losing it because we have stopped using it.’
    • ‘Should clinical geneticists be given access to medical records of dead patients without relatives' consent?’