Definition of genetic pollution in English:

genetic pollution


mass noun
  • The spread of altered genes from genetically engineered organisms to other, non-engineered organisms, especially by cross-pollination.

    • ‘The biggest threat is the presence of test sites for genetically modified plants in Scotland from which genetic pollution is inevitable.’
    • ‘Even as it does nothing to alleviate the chemical pollution crisis, biotech food brings its own very different pollution hazard: biological and genetic pollution.’
    • ‘In the agriculture realm, the switch to industrialized export systems also brings soil and water pollution, pesticide poisoning, and genetic pollution from genetically engineered plants.’
    • ‘It seems as if a self serving biotechnology industry is deliberately using genetic pollution to ensure organic farmers lose the ability to serve those markets.’
    • ‘It is time to ban their use and stop their continued genetic pollution.’
    • ‘These remote sensing technologies can also be used to distinguish GM from non-GM crops, and trace genetic pollution.’
    • ‘The real environmental problems posed by genetically modified crops result not from genetic pollution but from the fact that most of them are designed to be doused with very powerful and unselective weed-killers.’
    • ‘By cross-breeding with the wild salmon, they cause genetic pollution by decreasing the fitness of the wild population.’
    • ‘This means that there will be no pay-outs for anyone whose health is harmed by GM food, and organic farmers put out of business by genetic pollution will get no compensation.’
    • ‘The concerns of organic farmers are one component of the debate about genetic pollution caused by the movement of GMO pollen.’
    • ‘This genetic pollution comes only six years after the world's first planting of altered corn in the USA - a spread that has gone much farther and much quicker than anyone imagined.’
    • ‘Maybe they want to preserve and grow natural and traditional varieties of crops, free from genetic pollution.’
    • ‘First of all, consumers want low, or no, chemical residue, and, secondly, they want zero genetic pollution.’
    • ‘This spread of genetic pollution may adversely affect the local adaptation of the wild population.’
    • ‘The first incidences of genetic pollution were a shock.’
    • ‘In addition, the risks of a transgene moving into other plants will have the added risks of genetic pollution and the destruction of our bio-diversity.’
    • ‘Despite immense pressure, Zambia rejected the shipments, realizing that genetic pollution would endanger not only biodiversity, but also its agricultural exports to Europe.’
    • ‘He was a victim of genetic pollution and courageously decided to fight back and speak out against bio-serfdom.’
    • ‘There has been no genetic pollution of the environment reported anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘Once these new life forms have been released into the environment, there is no way to recall them; genetic pollution is forever.’