Definition of genetic counselling in English:

genetic counselling


mass noun
  • The giving of advice to prospective parents concerning the risks of genetic disorders in a future child.

    • ‘In this model counsellors would serve as a first line of consultation, undertake some genetic counselling in the surgery, and facilitate referral of families at higher risk.’
    • ‘It will dominate predictive genetics and genetic counselling.’
    • ‘Because of my personal experience I feel strongly that if patients are diagnosed as having Turner's syndrome or indeed any genetic condition, they should be referred for genetic counselling.’
    • ‘The study aims to evaluate the quality of genetic counselling provided within general health services.’
    • ‘In practice, this is the stance taken by most UK cancer registries, which do not require consent from next of kin before disclosing cancer diagnoses for genetic counselling.’
    • ‘A recent study found that genetic counselling produced only a modest shift in the accuracy of perceived lifetime risk.’
    • ‘However, knowledge of specific genes for some forms of common disease has brought many new patients and families for genetic counselling.’
    • ‘But I fully support that and I would promote genetic counselling as a discipline in Australia.’
    • ‘In addition, genetic counselling may be helpful for parents with affected offspring.’
    • ‘Early recognition of the underlying disorder is important for long term management and presumably for genetic counselling.’
    • ‘I wished to publish a case involving a traceable adult with learning disability who had requested genetic counselling.’
    • ‘Even routine pregnancies in industrialized countries are increasingly technological, as couples are offered genetic counselling, and ultrasound scans and amniocentesis have become commonplace.’
    • ‘After genetic counselling, two of the couples cancelled their marriages, and other couples sought prenatal diagnosis.’
    • ‘The parents may also wish to have genetic counselling to understand the condition, to identify carriers and to explain the risk of recurrence.’
    • ‘Parents of newborn infants with sickle cell disease receive genetic counselling and support.’
    • ‘Although genetic counselling falls into this category, this type of counselling is of a different style and nature to general counselling.’
    • ‘Where appropriate, the doctor should also counsel patients on any possible familial risk and the need for genetic counselling of relatives.’
    • ‘Similarly, when a couple have lost a child with a potentially inherited condition, analysis of tissue from the dead baby may be crucial for accurate genetic counselling and future prenatal testing.’
    • ‘Antenatal screening allows you to undergo a blood test to detect carrier couples and provide genetic counselling.’
    • ‘Some imprinted disorders may be familial, and genetic counselling for these conditions is not for the faint hearted.’