Definition of generatrix in English:



  • another term for generator
    • ‘A cylinder is right, if its generatrices are perpendicular to its base; otherwise, a cylinder is oblique.’
    • ‘The male member has at least three facets evenly distributed about its axis and each facet is generally cylindrical with generatrices orthogonal to the axis and on respective opposite sides of a common transverse plane.’
    • ‘This direction, however, was formerly always along the generatrix [i.e. parallel to the axis] of the roller cone, until the new type of bit was designed by the author's research group.’
    • ‘The techniques for design of surfaces of dependent cross-sections with closed generatrix are present also.’
    • ‘During typical cone rolling, the plate pivots so that the actual bending takes place along the generatrix.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin (feminine).