Definition of generator in English:



  • 1A person or thing that generates something.

    • ‘Were it so, it would be hard to understand how the top industrial laboratories developed their reputations as generators of knowledge.’
    • ‘A tear-resistant fabric was created, together with pyrotechnic gas generators, and the whole affair had to be fitted into the impact-absorbing central boss of a steering wheel.’
    • ‘Sure, there are other nitric oxide generators out there, all claiming some sort of delivery system.’
    • ‘The old fashioned gold standard was that money is a store of wealth not a generator of wealth.’
    • ‘The theme was written in 1963, but developed almost beyond recognition over weeks of painstaking work with tapes and tone generators.’
    • ‘The random bits were made by combining three sources of electronic white noise with the output from the best of the latest crop of deterministic random number generators.’
    • ‘We'll work on gravity generators; couple those with brainwave interfaces, and everyone will be able to move things and build things just by thinking about it.’
    • ‘If you admire their style, but can't quite dredge appropriate words out of that part of the English language which is under your command, there is help available to you on the web, in the form of curse generators.’
    • ‘Music is replacing capital as the major generator of wealth.’
    • ‘The security personnel at the gate do not use a random number generator to select passengers to check.’
    • ‘They have worked hard to make BC a better place by consistently and loudly demanding lower tax drains on high-flying wealth generators like themselves.’
    • ‘But so powerful did they prove themselves as wealth generators that investors in them soon abandoned any pretence of willfully winding them down.’
    • ‘It was a blur of sequined costumes, dancing shoes, shimmering tops, smart skirts, loose trousers and blue denim outfits, as the smoke generators enhanced the scene.’
    • ‘Critical technologies, such as atomic clocks and signal generators, are under development and work is progressing as planned.’
    • ‘It includes web-based, visual, kinetic and animated poetry, as well as literary digital textscapes, and even poetry generators.’
    • ‘The bias generator generates a ramped bias signal in response to the pump enable signal.’
    • ‘So, how many rocket scientists does it take to repair a gas generator?’
    • ‘Airports, because they are such huge economic generators, spawn complete districts, industrial estates, hotel enclaves, transport interchanges.’
    • ‘Not only are we talking about the future workforce and economic generators of the country, but also how stable, assured and optimistic our future decision makers and citizens are.’
    • ‘However, he added: ‘We'd have to be suspicious about some of these locations where they are purely revenue generators.’’
    motive, motivation, impetus, driving force, incentive, impulse, cause, prime mover, reason, origin, fountain, fount, beginning, root, generator, basis
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    1. 1.1Computing [with modifier] A routine that constructs other routines or subroutines using given parameters, for specific applications.
      • ‘Designing good keystream sequence generators is quite difficult and some advanced mathematics is required.’
      • ‘Projects are simple to add, and an included report generator will show you what you need to do come billing time.’
      • ‘How does the random architecture generator work, and is it completely random?’
      • ‘My approach toward testing this environment was to write an e-mail generator program in C which I called GenerateMail.’
      • ‘This can be particularly useful for report generators or dynamic Web sites.’
    2. 1.2Mathematics A point, line, or surface regarded as moving and so notionally forming a line, surface, or solid.
      • ‘Von Dyck, with fundamental papers in 1882 and 1883, constructed free groups and the definition of abstract groups in terms of generators and relations.’
      • ‘In 1701 Grandi discussed the conical loxodrome, the curve that cuts the generators of a cone of revolution in a constant angle.’
  • 2A dynamo or similar machine for converting mechanical energy into electricity.

    • ‘He used native timber from the forest, then installed solar-heated rainwater tanks, a picture window and a petrol powered generator.’
    • ‘If you plan to power a few lights, your refrigerator and a furnace, a less expensive portable generator may provide enough power.’
    • ‘The better ones have diesel generators for electricity, and people walk the streets.’
    • ‘We have no air-conditioning, very few fans, no buildings to live in and no running water or electricity aside from the generators that we can keep running.’
    • ‘The energy is used to run two electricity generators.’
    • ‘Yesterday, he announced an £8.5m grant to help construct two vessels to carry massive loads such as electricity generators and transformers.’
    • ‘One eyewitness said the group looked like they were planting vegetables, were practising recycling and doing crafts and had their own electricity generators.’
    • ‘One such project involved the conversion of a headrace and mill site for the installation of a turbine and electricity generator to supply domestic energy needs.’
    • ‘The station is using a generator to provide electricity.’
    • ‘The rotor turns an attached generator, creating electricity with a simple elegance, carving energy from the sky.’
    • ‘There is no running water and no electrical power except from oil-powered generators.’
    • ‘We're using a generator to power our equipment.’
    • ‘Wind power is generated using turbines and an electrical generator.’
    • ‘The answer depends on what, exactly, you intend to power with the generator.’
    • ‘Instead there was a large demand for utilities (electricity generators and water tanks) and fishing boats within the devastated community.’
    • ‘He said power had been turned off on both sides of the station and staff were waiting for two mobile generators to get the electricity back on.’
    • ‘In 1918 he patented a generator which converted mechanical energy into high frequency electric currents which could be used for wireless telegraphy.’
    • ‘The report looks at ways of halving lighting bills, slashing energy costs on new and refurbished buildings, and installing heat-producing electricity generators.’
    • ‘Connect that flywheel to an electric generator and electricity will flow until the wheel grinds to a halt.’
    • ‘He sells the electricity from his methane-fired generator to his utility for 7.25 cents per kilowatt hour.’
    1. 2.1 An apparatus for producing gas, steam, or another substance.
      • ‘As steam locomotives gave way to Electric and diesel locomotives, these successors were fitted with steam generators to provide heat for the train.’
      • ‘The reactor vessel and the steam generators, the largest parts, would come from other countries.’
      • ‘Later, it was revealed that a steam generator detected a lowered water level as the result of the leak.’
      • ‘The pumps in the condensate system turned off for unknown reasons, leading to a trip, or shutoff, of the turbine and the pumps that fed water back into the steam generator.’
      • ‘Before the invention of the steam generator, when the dodgem and the chair-o-plane were but distant rumbles in the future, this is what we did for a fun day out.’
      • ‘It then travels through the steam generator, up over the heat cell, and into the injector.’
      • ‘Not glamorous, but essential for heating old coaches, are these steam generators removed from SP diesels; few of these have been saved.’
      • ‘Due to potential noise and safety concerns a steam generator would also more likely be separated from living space.’
      • ‘If a plant is able to boost its output, then we can replace the steam turbines and generators.’
      • ‘Water is fed from a small onboard tank through a heat exchanger, where it picks up waste heat on its way into the steam generator.’
      • ‘This was one of several units to be equipped with a steam generator for passenger service.’
      • ‘Smaller and lighter than the originals, they were even better steam generators.’
      • ‘Equipped with steam generators, they were assigned initially to Huntington where they found work switching passenger trains.’
      writer, author, composer, designer, deviser, maker, inventor, producer, developer
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