Definition of generating station in English:

generating station


  • A power station for the generation of electricity.

    ‘the company operates both nuclear and conventional generating stations’
    • ‘It has used the $95 million to modernize major generating stations in the Los Angeles Basin, which operate on natural gas.’
    • ‘The public service obligation system specifically requires that the generating stations be as efficient as possible for this type of fuel.’
    • ‘There is already planning for a gas-fired generating station that can create sixty or seventy jobs.’
    • ‘The decommissioning of both nuclear- and coal-fired generating stations could leave a gap in capacity which unreliable renewable power, such as wind, will not fill.’
    • ‘It can take about 15 years to recover the full capital costs of building a generating station.’
    • ‘It would be foolish not to consider the idea of a small hydroelectric generating station on the Sylvia Grinnell River to generate power for Nunavut's capital.’
    • ‘More than 40 gas wells were drilled at Allerton Park with a mile of gas collection pipework laid to transport the gas to the generating station.’
    • ‘Generating stations increased in capacity as electricity accounted for a growing proportion of power needs.’
    • ‘McMahon has worked on gas pipelines, power generating stations, road infrastructure projects and telecommunications projects.’
    • ‘The Ontario government shall mandate the closure of all remaining coal or oil-fired generating stations by 2015.’