Definition of general staff in English:

general staff


  • treated as singular or plural The staff assisting a military commander in planning and executing operations.

    ‘the general staff were faced with major difficulties in redeployment of troops’
    ‘the general staff is unhappy and the squaddies are disgruntled’
    • ‘Consciousness must be institutionalized in the party, which should function as the command center or general staff of the revolution.’
    • ‘It was simply that the political situation went out of control, and the war began to follow its own logic, producing so many unexpected twists and turns that baffled the collective brain power of the smartest of general staffs.’
    • ‘General, you're one of the most decorated general staff members in the country's military history.’
    • ‘The creation of these three administrative commands allowed Marshall, the army's chief of staff, and his general staff to control operations and plans.’
    • ‘Promoted to the general staff of the Austrian Army in 1809, he led the conquests of Croatia, Istria and the Po region.’
    • ‘In an inauguration ceremony for the exercises, the commanders of the general staffs of Russia and China laid wreaths at a World War II memorial.’
    • ‘The general staff of a first-class power writes army manuals.’
    • ‘The new military command structure places the defense minister above the chief of the general staff as the leader of the military.’
    • ‘He told the senior air instructors his dream was to become chief of the general staff and that some day he would move divisions and brigades across the field of battle.’
    • ‘‘One hears the distant rustle of military plans and feasibility studies by general staffs across the globe being torn up and dropped into the dustbin of history,’ continued Kennedy.’
    • ‘These activities led to his transfer out of the general staff: when war broke out, he was quartermaster in chief of the 2nd Army in the west.’
    • ‘After 1871, the German system of mass peacetime conscription and a general staff to plan future wars based on railway deployment was copied throughout Europe.’
    • ‘The general staffs of any nation that were intensively preparing for war could not foresee shortly before the war the need for such a method of supporting it.’
    • ‘In his capacity as Commander in Chief, he met the general staff and was briefed on changes to the country's military doctrine.’
    • ‘In the past, the chief of the general staff was the most powerful man in the military, but that situation will now change.’
    • ‘The furious soldiers threw off their allegiance to the general staff, and placed themselves at the disposal of the Military Revolutionary Committee.’
    • ‘That hardly sounds like a can-do answer from the general staff at the Pentagon.’
    • ‘Officials of the general staff of the army, however, strongly objected to these allegations.’
    • ‘The purpose of the new structure was to end the confusion over whether the defense minister or the chief of the general staff was the real leader of the military.’
    • ‘Born in Fyresdal, the son of a Lutheran pastor, he had a brilliant early career in the army and became a general staff officer by the age of 24.’


general staff