Definition of general seat in English:

general seat


  • (in New Zealand's mixed member proportional voting system) a parliamentary seat for which the voters are registered on the main general roll, as distinct from the smaller Maori roll.

    ‘there was to be one new general seat but no new Maori seats’
    • ‘The Party is to decide whether they will run candidates in general seats in the next election.’
    • ‘The number of Maori seats is now determined on the same basis as the general seats.’
    • ‘Of the thirteen general seats, he predicts 11 will fall to National.’
    • ‘She said she hoped the party would consider standing in general seats to appeal to a wider support base.’
    • ‘The discussion went as far as talking about whether he would stand in a general seat in South Auckland.’
    • ‘Following its high polling in the Maori seats, the Maori Party will now be contesting as many as 32 general seats as well.’
    • ‘The mechanism by which the number and boundaries of general seats is determined is also entrenched.’
    • ‘My proudest achievement was being the first general seat Labour MP ever to win the East Coast booths.’
    • ‘The Maori Fisheries Bill is being handled by a general seat member from Napier.’
    • ‘One Maori electorate MP covers an area that is filled with possibly up to 10 general seats.’