Definition of general science in English:

general science


mass noun
  • A course of study incorporating elements of several different sciences, typically as a school subject.

    ‘Dayton taught general science to 9th graders in a New York City public school’
    • ‘Middle-class boys were likely to study physics, middle-class girls biology, and working-class girls and boys general science.’
    • ‘Hyder is in fourth year general science working towards medicine.’
    • ‘He graduated in general science from Heriot Watt University and is currently temping as a lab assistant in Edinburgh.’
    • ‘In 1953 he enrolled in Wheaton College (Illinois) and planned to pursue a general science major.’
    • ‘She graduated from Meredith College, Raleigh, with a degree in mathematics and general science.’
    • ‘Without making a real effort to improve the general science facilities in schools, the new syllabus will flounder.’
    • ‘I made them do a short General Science test to assess their ability in the subject.’
    • ‘Biochemistry, biotechnology and general science graduates should all now be in a position to carve out a niche career in the growing biotechnology sector.’
    • ‘Due to circumstances which I still don't fully understand, I found myself employed as a teacher of high school physics and general science.’
    • ‘General science will see similar enrollment increases.’