Definition of general headquarters in English:

general headquarters


  • treated as singular or plural The headquarters of a military commander.

    ‘the leader announced that the general headquarters was being transferred’
    • ‘I cannot see the point why here, at the [armed forces] general headquarters, there's so many staff cars.’
    • ‘A senior official serving with the navy general headquarters acknowledged that the Knox-class frigates are not in good condition but denied that the ships have become ‘beached wrecks.’’
    • ‘The air force started ‘rain-making’ missions in 1951, having dispatched 199 aircraft sorties for the purpose to date, according to information provided by air force general headquarters.’
    • ‘The combat flight training capacity has been expanded three-fold due to the enhancement of the capabilities of the service's air combat maneuvering instrumentation system, air force general headquarters said in a written report.’
    • ‘The report blames the air force general headquarters for failing to manage the use of houses assigned as living quarters for high-ranking air force officers.’
    • ‘Over the past five decades, there has been a total of 522 aircraft crashes, an average of 10 each year, according to statistics provided by the air force general headquarters.’
    • ‘As he left the army general headquarters after lunching with the top brass, Lee was saluted and hailed by over 1,000 troops and honor guards who sang a military farewell song while lining up along the two sides of the road.’
    • ‘The dismantling of the financial apparatus has coincided with an inquiry by the organisation's general headquarters into skimming by a small number of activists in the Republic.’
    • ‘As soon as I arrived in Canton by plane, I visited general headquarters, but unfortunately the Lieutenant General was out.’
    • ‘In the fall of 1941, he took his corps to the general headquarters maneuvers in the Carolinas, which proved a crucial testing ground for the rapidly approaching war.’
    • ‘Placing military advisers with the rank of major or lieutenant colonel at the Colombian Army's general headquarters is the next step.’
    • ‘He was given life imprisonment because he passed on a piece of classified information to a retired officer who was his former colleague at the navy's general headquarters.’


general headquarters