Definition of general equivalency degree in English:

general equivalency degree

(also general equivalency diploma)


  • A diploma signifying high school graduation, awarded to those who successfully complete a required examination.

    • ‘Parents have used the centers for training in finding a job, or even studying for their general equivalency degrees.’
    • ‘It is proud to provide individuals with a variety of key educational services including general equivalency degrees, English as a second language and adult literacy classes.’
    • ‘The group has also made contact with approximately 350 current inmates, giving them tips on job programs and how to obtain general equivalency degrees, as well as encouraging them to channel their energy toward more productive activities once they're released.’
    • ‘The college offers a wide spectrum of educational services to improve people's job prospects, from general equivalency degrees to upper-level humanities courses to free seminars on job hunting skills.’
    • ‘Although requirements vary by State, most require an individual to have at least a high school diploma or general equivalency degree (G.E.D.), or some college training.’
    • ‘Nearly all enlisted members of the armed forces - 99 percent - have high-school diplomas or general equivalency degrees.’
    • ‘Poor people with nontraditional precollege experiences (those with no high school or general equivalency degrees) were more likely to persist than those with high school degrees.’
    • ‘It is an organization that helps troubled youths from local public schools attain their general equivalency degrees while receiving training in construction.’
    • ‘He said the participants would receive general equivalency degrees and life-skills training and mentoring during the 26-week program.’
    • ‘Treatment providers also may alert the team to specific problems that must be addressed: medical and dental care, anger management, parenting skills, psychological evaluation and counseling, job-preparedness skills, literacy and/or high school or general equivalency degrees, tattoo removal, and so on.’
    • ‘A review judged the program by the number of participants who achieved general equivalency degrees (similar to high school diplomas).’
    • ‘On March 1 of this year, he agreed to consider for employment anyone who had a high school degree or a general equivalency degree.’
    • ‘They produce a project during the summer and those who go through the program are encouraged to earn their general equivalency degrees.’
    • ‘It offers literacy, English as a Second Language, high school general equivalency degree, and pre-GED training, as well as computer training and career development assistance to employees who lack basic educational skills.’
    • ‘But he also found that staying longer in general equivalency degree test preparation classes would not have appreciably increased the proportion of women who obtained this credential.’