Definition of general aviation in English:

general aviation


  • [mass noun] Civil aviation other than large-scale passenger or freight operations.

    • ‘Particularly troubling to business aviation is its proposal to restrict general aviation aircraft from using these airports altogether.’
    • ‘I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity of spinning a variety of aircraft, from military trainers and fighters to general aviation aircraft, aerobatic aircraft and sailplanes.’
    • ‘It could affect every one of the 5,000 general aviation airports in the country.’
    • ‘The wing is so predictable and the gear so forgiving that it may be the easiest-landing airplane in general aviation.’
    • ‘The airport completed similar videos a couple of years ago for helicopter operators and light general aviation operators, but the jet video took longer than expected.’
    • ‘The fair will be geared for business-to-business activity within the five main areas of flight - commercial aviation, general aviation, military aviation, vertical flight and space technology.’
    • ‘However, the market was flooded with surplus aircraft and new planes from other designers and the post-war general aviation boom never materialized.’
    • ‘Today the 800-acre facility is used exclusively by general aviation, with some 215 aircraft based at the airport.’
    • ‘"Hong Kong without an aviation training and general aviation industry could no longer aspire to the status of an international metropolis and tourist hub, " he said.’
    • ‘So, in essence, by offering inexpensive flying for people who could previously only dream of flying, the new sport-pilot rule has the potential to revolutionize general aviation.’
    • ‘The numbers are based in part on the quarterly report of all general aviation deliveries.’
    • ‘It has developed two concepts of high-tech flight helmets to meet the needs of jet aircraft, helicopter, general aviation pilots and crew members.’
    • ‘The redevelopment proposals were based on a shift away from general aviation towards commercial passenger aircraft movements, not on providing facilities for more aircraft.…’
    • ‘It assumes that the business use of general aviation aircraft will expand at a more rapid pace than personal use, due in large part to the continued rapid growth in fractional ownership.’
    • ‘The post-World War Two market was supposed to spawn an entirely new array of general aviation and commercial aircraft.’
    • ‘With general aviation it's not airport development, it's life or death.’
    • ‘One consequence of the nation's economic downturn and the accompanying slump in general aviation was that some maintenance shops were forced to consolidate or close down, and many mechanics had to consider alternative careers.’
    • ‘The question we put to our readership was simple: What if there was a program that offered young adults the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and get involved in general aviation?’
    • ‘Oil analysis isn't new to military and commercial airline operation, but has come to general aviation more recently.’
    • ‘It focuses primarily on the first women military pilots, on diverse jobs held by women in general aviation, and on flight attendants.’