Definition of general anaesthetic in English:

general anaesthetic


mass noun
  • An anaesthetic that affects the whole body and usually causes a loss of consciousness.

    ‘he had the operation under general anaesthetic’
    Compare with local anaesthetic
    • ‘You will be given general anaesthetic before the operation.’
    • ‘Discharge criteria are the same as for any general anesthetic procedure.’
    • ‘Patients were given general anesthetic agents in the operating room in the usual fashion according to hospital policy.’
    • ‘It can be done with local or general anesthetic.’
    • ‘The procedure can be done under local or light general anaesthetic with the patient as a day case.’
    • ‘Neither study distinguished between the use of local anesthetic and general anesthetic.’
    • ‘Operations are performed under general anaesthetic through an incision in the chest.’
    • ‘The operation is a surgical procedure performed using general anaesthetic and, like all surgery, carries a degree of risk.’
    • ‘Occasionally you may need surgery performed under general anaesthetic to drain the pus if you have developed an abscess.’
    • ‘They would further explain that if the patient was unfit for general surgery then they would be limited to open operation under general anaesthetic.’
    • ‘Babies who are circumcised are usually given a local anaesthetic because a general anaesthetic is more dangerous.’
    • ‘A general anaesthetic means that you will be asleep throughout the procedure and will feel no pain.’
    • ‘Transplants are done under general anaesthetic, while the individual is asleep.’
    • ‘Surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic.’
    • ‘The operation is usually carried out under general anaesthetic but is sometimes carried out under local anaesthetic if preferred.’
    • ‘The dental procedure was completed on all the patients using the same general anesthetic technique.’
    • ‘This may be performed under local or general anaesthetic, depending on where in the body the lump is located.’
    • ‘In the operating theatre, you will be given a local or general anaesthetic.’
    • ‘It is always performed under general anaesthetic, so the child will be asleep during the whole procedure.’
    • ‘Examinations using a rigid endoscope are usually carried out under general anaesthetic.’