Definition of gene silencing in English:

gene silencing


mass noun
  • The switching off of the expression of a gene, for example by the introduction of an antisense RNA that blocks translation of the messenger RNA.

    • ‘This outcome is in contrast to that with sex-specific differences in selection, which can cause extreme differences in gene expression and even gene silencing.’
    • ‘It suggests novel roles for transcription factors in repression and furthers our knowledge of alternative mechanisms of gene silencing in yeast.’
    • ‘Sequence specific triplex formation can be applied for gene targeting, gene silencing and mutagenesis.’
    • ‘We suspect that there is a system in humans that causes gene silencing, but we don't know the mechanism yet.’
    • ‘This idea was supported by the observation that inverted-repeat sequences could induce gene silencing in plants and in C. elegans.’
    • ‘It is shown that a mechanism of gene silencing was responsible for the lack of expression of the transgene and its lack of effects on nitrate contents in lettuce leaves.’
    • ‘Polyploidization can induce a flurry of genetic and epigenetic events that include DNA sequence elimination and gene silencing.’
    • ‘Consistent with the hypothesized gene silencing, the level of reporter expression in transgenic strains carrying multicopy arrays is rarely a simple multiple of expression observed with rare single-copy integration events.’
    • ‘Duplicate gene expression is common, as rates of gene silencing are much lower than predicted by traditional models.’
    • ‘The antisense or co-supression of gene expression, collectively known as post-transcriptional gene silencing, has been particularly versatile and powerful in studies of plant metabolism.’
    • ‘A number of studies have attempted to address this relationship as well as the role of somatic pairing in gene silencing.’
    • ‘In cotton, uniparental gene silencing was observed to switch during development and affected both recent and established allopolyploids.’
    • ‘Such mutants have been generated by chemical mutagenesis, gene disruption, and antisense gene silencing.’
    • ‘How is gene silencing or activation established and maintained?’
    • ‘The organization of DNA into euchromatin and heterochromatin is implicated in gene silencing.’
    • ‘It is also possible that small RNAs and RNA interference play a role in gene silencing in polyploids.’