Definition of gene sequencing in English:

gene sequencing


mass nounBiochemistry
  • The process of ascertaining the sequence of nucleotides in a segment of DNA.

    ‘the researchers performed gene sequencing to detect 22 known or proposed breast cancer susceptibility genes’
    • ‘The company uses gene sequencing from a virus to rapidly produce a vaccine.’
    • ‘To verify the mutation, researchers used the very latest gene sequencing techniques.’
    • ‘The Cancer Center is currently using gene sequencing techniques to help match advanced cancer patients with potential clinical trial opportunities based on the make-up of their tumor.’
    • ‘Their study is the first large-scale effort to move gene sequencing out of the lab and into ordinary medical care, and it shows that high hopes for this technology are finally paying off.’
    • ‘They performed gene sequencing on specimens from 27 patients, creating a profile of the possible genetic causes of these diseases.’
    • ‘This gene sequencing approach may be a valuable tool for further dissecting the role of bacteria in human decomposition.’