Definition of gene library in English:

gene library


  • A collection of DNA fragments produced by cloning, typically from a particular organism.

    ‘DNA extracted from the blood will be held in an anonymous gene library’
    • ‘The scientists have spent two years building a gene library with hundreds of samples from eight native species.’
    • ‘I pulled up the modelling software and started looking through gene libraries that were potentially useful.’
    • ‘The idea is to be able to expand the gene library to include more samples and also more species under pressure.’
    • ‘His gene library creates promising drug targets because the mutations appear to have a role in controlling cell division in cancer cells.’
    • ‘While alternative energy systems reduce cost, the time investment to develop gene libraries can remain cumbersome.’
    • ‘You will be responsible for the design, synthesis and validation of gene libraries for protein engineering applications and their optimisation for high-throughput production.’
    • ‘We are interested in further optimising the technology for high throughput automated manufacture of whole gene libraries.’
    • ‘Nearly all the samples in the team's gene library were culled from the bodies of dead animals, generally road kill brought in from the vast Savannah that surrounds Brasilia.’