Definition of gene bank in English:

gene bank


  • A collection of seeds, plants, or animals, maintained as a repository of genetic material, typically to preserve genetic diversity.

    ‘by end of the year they had established a living gene bank of 60 species of wildflowers’
    • ‘Livestock breeders support the gene bank initiative and believe it is the only way forward.’
    • ‘The Genographic Project hopes to collect more than a hundred thousand DNA samples to create the largest gene bank in the world.’
    • ‘The money will be used by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust to expand an existing gene bank in order to safeguard against any future disasters such as salmonella and swine fever.’
    • ‘Gene banks are labour intensive, costly to maintain, and not easy to raise funds for.’
    • ‘We have no additional information on strategies to prevent contamination from entering gene banks.’
    • ‘Seeds were obtained from lupin gene banks in Poland and abroad.’
    • ‘The gene bank provides rice seed samples on request.’
    • ‘The Center is focusing its efforts on rebuilding the country's gene banks for wheat, barley, and other crops.’
    • ‘A gene bank will be developed to conserve the world's plant diversity.’
    • ‘These gene banks are very important sources of potential genetic diversity, including plants tolerant of drought, as well as resistant to insects and disease.’