Definition of gender reassignment in English:

gender reassignment


mass noun
  • The process whereby a person's physical sexual characteristics are changed by means of medical procedures such as surgery or hormone treatment.

    as modifier ‘gender reassignment surgery’
    • ‘She was born a man and underwent gender reassignment surgery 20 years ago to become a woman.’
    • ‘It will not be necessary for full gender reassignment surgery to have taken place.’
    • ‘Having never heard of gender dysphoria, the state of mind which characterizes the desire for gender reassignment, I was naive about the complexity or intensity of the process.’
    • ‘Thus the circumstances in which, and the purposes for which, gender reassignment is recognised are matters of much importance.’
    • ‘Cosmetic surgery and gender reassignment are often unavailable in the NHS for similar reasons.’
    • ‘A urologist may help, but a plastic surgeon specializing in gender reassignment may be ideal.’
    • ‘Surely, you're not suggesting that people undergo all the difficulties and trauma associated with gender reassignment to conform to a social construct?’
    • ‘In addition that was important to her 'real life test', whereby the applicant needed to show that she was able to and wanted to live as a woman, before taking further steps in relation to gender reassignment.’
    • ‘Recognition of gender reassignment will involve some blurring of the normally accepted biological distinction between male and female.’
    • ‘She was working on her doctorate while undergoing gender reassignment.’
    • ‘An employee at an educational establishment told management that he intended to undergo gender reassignment.’
    • ‘As for my new stepsister, Emma is now an attractive young woman hoping to undergo gender reassignment surgery later this year.’
    • ‘The two-year Real Life Experience remains a general requirement for obtaining gender reassignment surgery on the NHS.’
    • ‘In the early 1970s, only around 15% of those requesting surgery were "granted" gender reassignment surgery.’
    • ‘Nine more months and two professionals' letters of support later, I underwent gender reassignment surgery.’
    • ‘But in the early 1970s she became famous for being one of the first people in Australia to undergo a gender reassignment operation.’
    • ‘It is questionable whether the successful completion of some sort of surgical intervention should be an essential prerequisite to the recognition of gender reassignment.’