Definition of gender bias in English:

gender bias


mass noun
  • Inclination towards or prejudice against one gender.

    ‘they argue that this kind of pay gap is the result of gender bias’
    ‘there appears to be some gender bias in the scripting’
    • ‘Nonetheless, several measures can be undertaken to correct the problem of gender bias in psychiatric education.’
    • ‘In 1974, the gender bias in the immigration law was removed.’
    • ‘It is unacceptable that salary policies validate any gender bias.’
    • ‘Hence to a great degree extremely low representation of women at the top can be explained by this gender bias in employment.’
    • ‘Their gender bias led to disdain for women teachers who had not been trained by men.’
    • ‘Lawn bowls is one of the few sports that compete without gender bias.’
    • ‘Now you're letting your gender bias show.’
    • ‘There have been increasing efforts on clinical and research levels to address gender bias.’
    • ‘Psychologists are fighting gender bias in research on attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.’
    • ‘Our legal system is replete with gender bias.’
    • ‘I can't see how the networking model has a gender bias.’