Definition of Gen Yer in English:

Gen Yer


  • ‘Gen Yers have no memory of life without computers and the Internet’
    short for Generation Yer
    • ‘Raised by once rebellious boomers attempting to be perfect parents, Gen Yers have been coddled since birth, says the author.’
    • ‘Gen Yers tend to be skeptical consumers who, after years of exposure to saturation marketing, are hardened to traditional advertising tactics.’
    • ‘Gen Yers make up about 18 percent of the telecom giant's workforce, and 56 percent have flexible work schedules - a key factor.’
    • ‘I'm an events planner at a large university (and a Gen Yer), and I can tell you that age has nothing to do with the ability to be polite and RSVP.’
    • ‘I think me and my fellow Gen Yers are at risk of being paralysed by choice.’
    • ‘Ideally, an ad will be so entertaining or useful that Gen Yers will fire off instant messages and text pages to tell their friends about it.’
    • ‘The story's lede alleges that Gen Yers are "young, smart, brash."’
    • ‘There are signs these Gen Yers are repulsed by the proliferation of media messages.’
    • ‘With more tools at their disposal, a knack for thinking outside the box and a natural instinct to avoid the proverbial corporate ladder, fearless Gen Yers are changing the world of business and redefining the entrepreneurial movement.’
    • ‘One key data point that stood out: 24 % of Gen Yers read blogs.’
    • ‘"It's a back-to-basics mentality," notes Coletto, a Gen Yer himself who notes that his contemporaries favour simple, wooden toys for their kids.’
    • ‘Often Gen Yers were involved in many activities concurrently with school: lessons, sports, social events, playgroups and teams.’
    • ‘Marketers trying to anticipate future consumer trends should tune in to Gen Yers.’
    • ‘Just how attached are Gen Yers to their smartphones and social media?’


Gen Yer

/ˌdʒɛn ˈwʌɪə/