Definition of Geminian in English:



  • Relating to the sign of Gemini.

    ‘he exhibits Geminian traits’
    • ‘You're at your most Geminian today because you have your fingers in lots of pies and you'll relish the chance to show how versatile you can be.’
    • ‘Relax, don't take things too seriously, and this week's Geminian playfulness could be just the rejuvenating lift your hardworking nerves need.’
    • ‘The Geminian influence may make it difficult to keep track of where your man's going.’
    • ‘It is in keeping with our feisty Geminian nature.’
    • ‘Geminian men are difficult for any woman to own as they're too busy exploring the universe.’


  • A person born under the sign of Gemini.

    ‘a Geminian makes a stimulating friend’
    • ‘Most Geminians never lose their sense of wonder, but if you have, it is time to get back in touch with that mercurial inner child.’
    • ‘Geminians, for all their love of communication, are often the first to switch off and lie low for a while.’
    • ‘Dualism is the way of life for Geminians.’
    • ‘The concept of communication is the true quest of the Geminian, and sun sign depictions dwell on their talents as teachers, diplomats, interpreters, linguists, etc.’