Definition of gelatinously in English:



  • See gelatinous

    • ‘The former is established at the library table with some paper work he's brought home from the office, while the latter, gelatinously athwart the davenport, somewhat sluggishly glances through a volume of vigorous fiction.’
    • ‘His nurse entered with a gelatinously floppy bag of IV fluid to hang.’
    • ‘Every dish we sampled was simply exquisite, reaching that point of just perfectly cooked without every appearing rubberily overdone or (what I hate most) gelatinously undercooked.’
    • ‘Other dishes quickly followed, including an octopus carpaccio in which the tentacles had been bound gelatinously together and sliced into what looked like headcheese, and a homemade gnocchi in a subtle pork ragu.’
    • ‘Half of my breakfast is, indeed, sticking gelatinously to my toes and fingers.’