Definition of gelatinize in English:


(British gelatinise)


  • 1Make or become gelatinous.

    with object ‘water gelatinizes the granules’
    no object ‘the starch grains swell and gelatinize’
    • ‘They found that each of the shrub's flowers produces a single clear jellylike pellet, formed when the plant's inner wall swells and gelatinizes as it comes in contact with nectar.’
    • ‘The idea that he had was for the liquid ore to be gelatinized into a thicker formula and decrease the speed of the intake.’
    • ‘The shark's fin was made up of concentrated chicken consommé, gelatinized and shaped into strands like the authentic article.’
    • ‘At this strength, tissue would be gelatinized, producing deep painful penetrating burns.’
    • ‘High temperatures gelatinize the starch within the kernel, which inhibits separation and recovery.’
    • ‘It uses a hot, gelatinized starch solution that acts as a glue to hold the cotton waste ingredients together and a lubricant to smooth the mixture's flow through the extrusion equipment.’
    • ‘It uses a hot, gelatinized polysaccharide solution that acts as a glue and as a lubricant to smooth the mixture's flow through extrusion equipment.’
    • ‘There it's cured and then either parched with dry heat or parboiled under pressure, depending on the processor's preferred technique, to gelatinize the starch.’
    • ‘‘The starch is gelatinized with heat and moisture, plasticized with water, and doped - all in one continuous process.’’
    • ‘During the brewing process, a significant proportion of the B-type granules from barley is not gelatinized in the mash.’
    • ‘Heat causes the air to expand and make the cake rise; eventually protein and starch in the liquid phase of the cake coagulate and gelatinize, giving what in scientific terms is a stable foam and in common parlance a cake.’
    • ‘Adding a hot, gelatinized starch solution makes the mixture more digestible as feed and acts as a glue and lubricant to ease the material's flow through the equipment.’
    • ‘In 1888, Alfred Nobel took smokeless powder production to a new plateau by using nitroglycerin to gelatinize nitrocellulose, thereby producing a new commercial smokeless powder named ‘Ballistite.’’
    set, stiffen, solidify, thicken, harden
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    1. 1.1usually as adjective gelatinizedwith object Coat with gelatin.
      ‘gelatinized glass microscope slides’
      • ‘Sections were cut at - 18° and placed onto gelatinized slides.’
      • ‘Smokeless explosives such as cordite, first produced in England in 1889, used gelatinized nitrocellulose, or gun cotton, mixed with minerals and nitroglycerine; stabilizers were later added.’
      • ‘Cells were then seeded on a gelatinized slide, stained with 0.1% Mayers hematoxylin and analysed by optical microscopy.’