Definition of gelada in English:


(also gelada baboon)


  • A brownish baboon with a long mane and naked red rump, native to Ethiopia.

    Theropithecus gelada, family Cercopithecidae

    • ‘We also repeated some analyses with data from the researchers, who used foraging-group size for the gelada and hamadryas baboon.’
    • ‘The gelada (T. gelada) is the only cercopithecoid examined that retains the potential for exonization, while all Great Apes retain this potential.’
    • ‘The current world population of geladas is estimated to be between 100,000-200,000, but subpopulations are isolated, and the species is listed by the United States Endangered Species Act as Threatened.’
    • ‘Similar trends have also been observed for gelada baboons (Theropithecus gelada), in which altitude, which is highly correlated with ambient temperature, was found to correlate negatively with birth rate.’


Mid 19th century: from Amharic č'ällada.