Definition of geeky in English:



  • 1Unfashionable and socially inept.

    ‘the geeky kid getting bullied at school’
    • ‘He shows up at Charlotte's school as a transfer student, geeky and awkward.’
    • ‘Brian is the polar opposite - a geeky, shy, awkward boy who isn't manly enough for his all-American dad.’
    • ‘A geeky teen learns that her dead dad was a Prince in his own land.’
    • ‘He was very geeky and as he got older, although the stutter left, he was still a bit of a social outcast.’
    • ‘Like most geeky girls, Tracy desperately wants to be liked and noticed.’
    • ‘Being a bespectacled, geeky Brit was never this fun.’
    • ‘Charlie's geeky stepbrother Dennis is hanging out at his house.’
    • ‘Ray brushes his hair with a rake and wears geeky glasses.’
    • ‘Like all the actors in the film, he is very realistic in the role, the very model of a shy geeky loner.’
    • ‘Who are these chubby, dorky, geeky guys who seem to now be ruling Hollywood?’
    1. 1.1 Knowledgeable and obsessively interested in something, especially technology.
      ‘a bunch of geeky techies’
      ‘his geeky obsession with model cars’
      • ‘I have this geeky academic background, so it was just up my street.’
      • ‘You really have to wonder how a show with humor this esoteric, this geeky, made it to the air at all.’
      • ‘It was cool in that geeky comic book sort of way.’
      • ‘Being at the front of the queue for the new model may have given you geeky street cred, but owning a new gadget before anyone else isn't always the best option’
      • ‘If your appetite for all things geeky is not satisfied by the documentary, there is plenty more on this second disc.’
      • ‘I have a tendency to date tall, skinny, geeky, male programmers.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, the only people who will appreciate this are nitpicky reviewers and geeky computer users.’
      • ‘I had the car in pieces stored in various locations and I became very geeky about it and everything had to be exactly the same as the original.’
      • ‘Sam was one of those geeky guys -- he had the telescope up in about a minute.’
      • ‘This is the kind of clever conceit that makes my geeky heart leap with joy.’