Definition of geegaw in English:



North American
  • variant spelling of gewgaw
    • ‘Each listen coughs up some new lil’ gimcrack or geegaw.’
    • ‘He failed to give his people anything but the geegaws and baubles stolen from successful cultures.’
    • ‘Now we buy them over and over again, lured by new geegaws and crisper sound.’
    • ‘This time I can afford to go buy her some mid-range geegaw but I'm choosing to give her something made with my own hands.’
    • ‘Every shop is stuffed with Bonny Scotland geegaws of one sort or another, delighting the endless procession of day trippers who are piped off luxury coaches and encouraged to spend, spend, spend.’
    • ‘After a few more shops all the geegaws bled together and I could take no more fabulous flotsam.’
    • ‘If I throw together enough relays and geegaws in a big shiny box, make drawings and photos, and piece together an explanation of what's supposed to happen, I have a patent.’
    • ‘The countess's long fleshy face emerges, ruinously ogling, from a stack of ostrich feathers and pendant geegaws.’
    • ‘Fueled by my sister's incessant shopping, every surface sags under the weight of knick-knacks and geegaws.’
    • ‘Hats obviously had nothing to do with morality, except perhaps in an inverse way: those who spent the most effort polishing the geegaws and flash on their hats usually put the least effort into honing their minds.’
    • ‘Years of accumulated detritus and geegaws have been successfully palmed off onto relatives and neighbours.’
    • ‘Indeed, oversized watch pockets have become common to accommodate all the little electrical geegaws that have replaced the watch as must-have undersized, overpriced miniaturized technology for the hep person on the go.’
    • ‘Here's a look at some ideas for holiday gifts, from wines to spirits to gizmos, gadgets and geegaws.’
    • ‘The low exchange rate, and the current account deficit, also mean that they are actually lending us a good portion of the money we use to buy their geegaws.’
    • ‘After installing all the geegaws for the graphics program, my invaluable drop-shadow-maker decided to go utterly mental - it would draw a rectangle around the selected object, and give it the drop shadow.’
    • ‘Now that we're past the basics, let's look at one of the most overlooked features of better-quality digital audio geegaws and the whole point of this month's column.’
    • ‘I'll bet you added some geegaw or widget to it the first time you had a little jingle in your pockets.’
    • ‘Should they pay good money for some large, possibly grotesque, often gratingly noisy plastic geegaw which there is every chance their child will discard before they have paid the credit card bill?’
    • ‘I bought my wife some geegaws at the local geegaw vendor; I hid flowers in the storage room, and put it all out Saturday night before I turned in.’
    • ‘Light the candles you bought as decorative geegaws; they have wicks for a reason, you know.’