Definition of geebung in English:



  • An Australian shrub or small tree which bears creamy-yellow flowers and small green fruit.

    Genus Persoonia, family Proteaceae

    • ‘In the thick, unfelled bush above the horse-and-cattle yards were native hop, ‘sarsaparilla,’ the bottle-brush flower of the wild honey suckle, together with geebungs, wild cherry, eucalyptus, wattle, kurrajong, and pine.’
    • ‘Visitors from Sydney will notice the flannel flowers - many of the peas, boronias, mint-bushes, geebungs and tea trees, however, belong to inland species.’
    • ‘So has anyone munched any other types of geebungs and could share their tasting notes?’
    • ‘Changes in soil conditions in this area have produced an equally varied understorey of shrubs, with ferns, wattles, banksias, hakeas and geebungs, and a number of native grasses.’
    • ‘The general park area was extensively hunted for wallabies, snakes, birds, honey, turtles and their eggs, fresh water mussels, ripe water-lily bulbs, geebungs and the fruit of the ‘noocui’ or pig's face plant.’


Early 19th century: from Dharuk.