Definition of gearwheel in English:



  • 1A toothed wheel in a set of gears.

    • ‘He and his co-workers turn raw steel into giant rings, gearwheels, and other forged products.’
    • ‘I decided to mount the motor with a gearwheel and a gear rack on a drawer rack.’
    • ‘From the functions which the various parts of the watch fulfil (e.g. spring, gearwheels, pointer), the only logical conclusion was that it had a maker who ‘comprehended its construction and designed its use’.’
    • ‘He could have just as easily mounted the gearwheels so that the hands would turn the other way around.’
    1. 1.1 (on a bicycle) a cogwheel driven directly by the chain.
      toothed wheel, cog, cogwheel
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