Definition of gearhead in English:



  • 1A person who is very enthusiastic about new gadgets.

    • ‘As the profile of the formerly obscure gearhead game grew, so did corporate participation.’
    • ‘I don't get into the technical stuff because I'm not a gearhead, so I try to come up with something interesting.’
    • ‘To gearheads, it's a not-quite-up-to-snuff version of software.’
    • ‘The series was a natural fit for a woman who, if not a card-carrying gearhead, certainly qualifies as an aficionado.’
    • ‘Think of it as an excursion into the alien territory that is the mind of the gearhead.’
    • ‘Dedicated gearheads just need a few gadgets to make the great outdoors a little less outdoorsy.’
    • ‘He was good to have around in several ways: He's an accomplished watercraft pilot, a powerful surfer given to long carves, and a gearhead who knows how to unclog an impeller.’
    • ‘Producers used to be the overlooked bunch of gearheads toiling away at guitar levels and fade-outs and other such periphery, while the songwriter did the actual creative work and the band did the technical stuff.’
    • ‘He has sharpened the focus of an integrated product-delivery program that helps marketers and gearheads work more closely together.’
    • ‘While no gearhead despite my related major, while not always the first to adopt the next ‘it’ gadget or game, I still love my computer in a deep and heartfelt way that makes some people uncomfortable.’
    • ‘He is also a certified hi-fi nut, gearhead, and gadget freak.’
    • ‘A gearhead said we'd need big fat telemark skis, big fat plastic boots, and big fat cable bindings to negotiate the steep terrain, all of which would demolish our ridiculously optimistic predictions for daily mileage.’
  • 2A person who is very interested in cars.

    • ‘The gearheads that race bikes are constantly changing something, tweaking a little here or there, looking to get more power out of their bikes.’
    • ‘When I was in high school a friend drove a 1970 Impala that his gearhead dad had kept garaged for years.’
    • ‘This guy is a gearhead with an '89 Mustang that he is rebuilding.’
    • ‘After years of searching for the ideal point at which to attach the suspension linkage to a frame, the gearheads concluded that their sweet spot didn't exist.’
    • ‘He and his brother, who also races on the circuit, grew up as gearheads.’