Definition of geared in English:



  • 1Fitted with gears.

    ‘a geared engine’
    in combination ‘a multi-geared cycle’
    • ‘But with a geared transmission, you have to choose whatever speed the given gear ratio provides.’
    • ‘It's operated by a centrifugal clutch and gives the buggy a far better top speed than a single geared model, and gives the engine a break from not wringing its own neck, trying to hit top speed with only one gear.’
    • ‘On driven machines, the tilting was through a one h.p. geared head motor with a limit switch stop provided at each extreme angle.’
    • ‘It may be powered by hand, pedal, or other motive force such as a suitably geared lawn mower engine or the electric motor taken from a discarded washing machine.’
    • ‘Like its smaller brother, this magnificent reel is beautifully engineered, with ball-bearing races, a full bale with geared trip, and the same superb cross-wind mechanism.’
    • ‘As the weights fall a rope unwinds from a wooden barrel turning the large geared wheel.’
    • ‘The direct drive would develop 510-hp at 2400 rpm while the geared engine could get up to 560-hp.’
    • ‘‘The problem is that the machines are geared differently,’ he says.’
    • ‘Its fuel-guzzling geared steam turbines and quadruple screws would have to be replaced by new technology.’
    • ‘The legs of the easel are mounted on a horizontal stand and the painting rests on a ledge, in early versions supported on pegs but subsequently replaced by a geared system to raise or lower the painting by winding a crank.’
    • ‘Also, the dynamics of the geared engine were helping induce wing warping and aileron reversal so the crew labored to put the other engine back on the racer.’
  • 2with adverb (of a company) having a specified ratio of loan capital (debt) to the value of its ordinary shares (equity)

    ‘highly geared companies’
    • ‘‘This is a relatively low margin, highly geared business,’ he said.’
    • ‘From an investment point of view, it is already considered to be one of the most heavily geared companies.’
    • ‘It is one of those outfits that are commonly referred to as a highly geared business.’
    • ‘Debt should be another important consideration because most property companies are highly geared.’
    • ‘However, failure to generate adequate returns from the loans puts highly geared companies at greater risk, which is precisely what has happened.’