Definition of gear something for/to/towards in English:

gear something for/to/towards

phrasal verb

  • Adapt something to make it suitable for (someone or something)

    ‘our trips are geared for clubbers and hen and stag parties’
    ‘they gear workouts to your specific needs’
    • ‘The latest updates are geared towards adapting to security threats.’
    • ‘They have an acute sense of anticipating and knowing members' needs, adapting to new technology and gearing their products to changing consumer desires.’
    • ‘My personal efforts are geared towards not intentionally harming people, as I would prefer if people would not intentionally harm me.’
    • ‘At the same time, they have geared their alternative policy to be friendly towards private industry as well as rural conservation.’
    • ‘They could gear their production to produce vast amounts of whatever the mass market wanted.’
    • ‘Giving strategic direction to an organization is not simply a case of analysing the needs of consumers and gearing its resources to earn good short-term profits from meeting these needs.’
    • ‘‘Every parent wants the best for their child, and our schools are geared to providing that service,’ David concluded.’
    • ‘You know, I'm gearing my training towards just becoming better with everyone.’
    • ‘School holidays are geared to there being one available parent, and the assumption is that will be the woman.’
    • ‘A lot of our training this year has been geared towards that.’