Definition of gazania in English:



  • A tropical herbaceous plant of the daisy family, with showy flowers that are typically orange or yellow.

    Genus Gazania, family Compositae

    • ‘Groundcovers may include African daisy, trailing gazania or even large-leafed Algerian ivy.’
    • ‘Many groundcovers can also be planted, including ice plant, gazania and capeweed.’
    • ‘The greenhouses are now stuffed full with geranimus, surfinia petunias, fuchsias and gazanias.’
    • ‘In amongst the shrubs and trees are many more delights both indigenous and exotic, in the form of plants such as Spanish bluebells and South African gazanias.’
    • ‘Daisies such as arcotis, erigerum, gazanias and osteospermums are terrific value, flowering for many months of summer.’


Modern Latin, named after Theodore of Gaza (1398–1478), Greek scholar.