Definition of gayelle in English:



West Indian
  • An arena or ring for cockfighting or stick-fighting.

    • ‘Why doesn't the ministry grant more licences all other companies that wish to jump into the gayelle to provide the service that we so much deserve, need and demand?’
    • ‘Stickfight gayelles all over Trinidad in 1996 provided Carnival excitement and sustained areas of intensity from New Years Day to Carnival Monday.’
    • ‘While stick fighters are usually male, skill and quickness is a worthy opponent to strength in this violent dance and many women have been victorious in the gayelle.’
    • ‘He moved to Rio Claro as an agricultural officer, where, he has said, he got involved in the community, singing for stickfights at the gayelle.’
    • ‘In the West Indies the gayelle is best known as the stage for stick fighting, or the pit for illegal cock fighting.’


From Spanish gallera ‘cockpit’.