Definition of gauss in English:


(also G)


  • A unit of magnetic induction, equal to one ten-thousandth of a tesla.

    • ‘The strength of the magnetic field is 0.12 tesla or 1,200 gauss (ie, magnetic flux density).’
    • ‘Normal water has a pH level of around 7, while magnetized water can reach 9.2 pH after exposure to a 7000 gauss strength magnet.’
    • ‘Those two alloys were chosen for their low remanent magnetization (20 gauss for mumetal).’
    • ‘This is happening to our home particularly at night, when the walls can be felt pulsing like they have a heartbeat, and gauss readings can be measured coming in through the windows and walls, ceiling and floor.’
    • ‘Its magnetic field grows very intense as well, to a trillion gauss or so.’


Late 19th century: named after Karl Gauss (see Gauss, Karl Friedrich).