Definition of gaur in English:



  • A wild ox having a large head, a dark brown or black coat with white stockings, and a hump, native to India and Malaysia.

    Bos gaurus, family Bovidae; it is the ancestor of the domestic gayal

    Also called Indian bison, seladang
    • ‘A visitor had fallen into an enclosure and risked being gored to death by a herd of wild gaurs, also known as Indian bison.’
    • ‘Wild cattle still run in small herds in the hilly forests of India, Burma, and the Malay peninsula, and these are the gaurs.’
    • ‘The nearby sanctuary is home to the barking, the spotted and the mouse deer, the gaur, the civet cat, the tiger and the elephant, besides a variety of birds and reptiles.’
    • ‘This meeting ground ‘was home to some of the most fascinating, unique and diverse groups of species,’ including tigers, leopards, gaurs and elephants.’
    • ‘We understand today that in the Indochinese countries, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, there are three species of wild cattle: the gaur, the banteng and the nearly extinct Kouprey.’


Early 19th century: from Sanskrit gaura; related to cow.