Definition of gathering in English:



  • 1An assembly or meeting, especially one held for a specific purpose.

    ‘a family gathering’
    • ‘At least, it offered a jolly background for the family gathering.’
    • ‘Other protestors arrived on foot, or by bike, and some kept busy by taking photographs of the assembled gathering.’
    • ‘Denise was delighted to inform the assembled gathering that no less than four talented women from the community were set to entertain and inform.’
    • ‘At first the pictures appear to have been taken at a family gathering - a christening or a birthday party.’
    • ‘Rather than a peaceful gathering, the assembly descended into an auditorium-wide field of skirmishes that ended in 11 suspensions and two arrests.’
    • ‘Thank you for that magnificent speech yesterday, and it is my pleasure to ask you to address the assembled gathering.’
    • ‘We build this country one person at a time, she told the assembled gathering at the college.’
    • ‘He said he expected the gathering could become a meeting of various thoughts and ideas that were alive in society.’
    • ‘The purpose of the gathering is to give tourism outlets a chance to share their knowledge with their colleagues of the fantastic range of tourism products and activities available in the County.’
    • ‘Before beginning his journey, he enthralled the sizable gathering, which had assembled at the starting point, with his magic.’
    • ‘The Monday scheduled for the subsequent meeting attracted a satisfactory gathering of graduates and friends.’
    • ‘The gathering was assembled to pay their respects and lay wreathes on all the graves.’
    • ‘I mean this is something for the people to think about and the purpose of a gathering like this is for me, through this forum, to talk directly to the people of Australia.’
    • ‘The exact purpose of the gathering is a surprise to the guests, who are honored with testimonials of gratitude from their hosts.’
    • ‘The auditorium will serve as a meeting place for public gatherings and academic conferences.’
    • ‘The holidays bring parties and family gatherings when everyone wants to appear their best.’
    • ‘Accordingly, a gathering assembled to carry out Sam's wishes.’
    • ‘The meeting was the first gathering of leaders of the two groups before the elections.’
    • ‘We are a gathering with massively more purpose than significance.’
    • ‘Difficult meetings, family gatherings and so on can be chances to use your new skills.’
    assembly, meeting, meet, convention, rally, turnout, congress, convocation, conclave, council, synod, symposium, forum, muster, tweetup
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  • 2A group of leaves taken together, one inside another, in binding a book.

    • ‘Of course, it is not possible to have eleven leaves in one gathering of a quarto book.’