Definition of gateleg table in English:

gateleg table


  • A table with hinged legs that are swung out from the centre to support folding leaves and make the table larger.

    • ‘It would be a double gateleg table, I decided, partly as a tribute to an elegant, classic piece of furniture and partly as a way to have both a rectangular and a round table.’
    • ‘Despite uncertainty about the maker, this table represents one of the few well-documented Philadelphia gateleg tables.’
    • ‘The Philadelphia walnut gateleg table dates from about 1710.’
    • ‘In this room New England Chippendale chairs surround a William and Mary gateleg table set with English creamware plates made between 1785 and 1790 and Prattware dishes and a tea set of about 1800.’
    • ‘The origin of the gateleg table is difficult to pinpoint.’


gateleg table

/ˈɡeɪtlɛɡ ˌteɪb(ə)l/