Definition of gate array in English:

gate array


  • 1A regular arrangement of logic gates.

    • ‘All of the clever radio processing is done on the digital board, not by the ARM processor but by a dedicated field programmable gate array and digital signal processor.’
    • ‘In its simplest implementation, it can fit inside a standard field-programmable gate array.’
    • ‘A field programmable gate array is a user-programmable piece of silicon constructed in very large-scale integration technology.’
    • ‘Field programmable gate arrays are available to accelerate applications.’
    • ‘On the far other end of the spectrum sit programmable logic devices and field programmable gate arrays, a ‘sea of gates’ design which can be programmed to emulate hardwired logic for prototyping.’
    1. 1.1 An electronic chip consisting of a regular arrangement of logic gates.


gate array