Definition of gastrotrich in English:



  • See Gastrotricha

    • ‘Furthermore, the micrognathozoans have two rows of multiciliated cells that forms a locomotory organ, similar to that in some gastrotrichs and interstitial annelids.’
    • ‘With the two examples from Nematomorpha and Gastrotricha I aimed to exemplify these interconnections and show gaps in knowledge that are mainly due to the evaluation of nematomorphs and gastrotrichs as ‘lesser known groups.’’
    • ‘There are also a number of differences, however, perhaps most important of which is the observation of a clade consisting of the gastrotrichs plus platyheminthes that is basal to all other lophotrochozoan taxa.’
    • ‘The body cavity nature varies considerably in these phyla, from complete absence of body cavity in the entoprocts and gastrotrichs to the priapulid body cavity that is actually interpreted as a true coelom by some authors.’
    • ‘A gastrotrich (meaning ‘hairy stomach’) uses myriad hairs over its head and belly to glide, wriggle, and squirm, looking for food.’