Definition of gastrostomy in English:



  • 1An opening into the stomach from the abdominal wall, made surgically for the introduction of food.

    • ‘Ethical and quality of life issues should be considered before gastrostomy feeding is implemented.’
    • ‘A gastrostomy tube can clearly improve nutritional status in a debilitated person with severe dysphagia, and may prolong life.’
    • ‘Great care is needed to ensure that attachments are secure at all times when gastrostomy feeding is carried out overnight.’
    • ‘"The ' two factors' are clearly the immobility and gastrostomy feeding.’
    • ‘The family didn't want a gastrostomy tube placed, but they weren't ready to say goodbye, either.’
    • ‘A clear catheter entered the stomach at the gastrostomy site and had passed the pylorus into the duodenum.’
    • ‘My father, who spoke in occasional incoherent utterances, and was fed through a gastrostomy tube, was intubated and placed on a mechanical respirator a half a dozen times before he passed away.’
    • ‘A gastrostomy tube is a feeding tube that goes in the stomach.’
    • ‘The length of time that caregivers considered gastrostomy placement for their child varied.’
    • ‘The physician inserted a gastrostomy tube into the stomach to provide additional nutritional support, which may help to spontaneously close the fistula.’
    • ‘Because of oropharyngeal dysphagia, a gastrostomy tube had been placed several years ago.’
    • ‘The only acute illnesses not detected were acute gastroenteritis, gastrostomy infection and seizure.’
    • ‘The data from the current study suggest that the benefits of gastrostomy feeding significantly outweigh the burdens.’
    • ‘One night the junction between his gastrostomy tube and the feeding tube became disconnected.’
    • ‘No gastrostomy or transanastomotic tube placement is required.’
    • ‘Do percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes improve outcomes in stroke patients who have dysphagia?’
    • ‘In recent years, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy has become the intervention of choice when oral food intake becomes unsafe or inadequate.’
    • ‘After three weeks, I was still unable to swallow, so a gastrostomy was placed.’
    • ‘Scissors are used to make 2 slits in the tape to pull through the gastrostomy tube.’
    • ‘Patients who are unable to swallow will die if not given food and fluids by other means, but with a gastrostomy tube they may live for years.’
    1. 1.1 A surgical operation for making a gastrostomy.
      • ‘We left the decision about the gastrostomy alone while my husband was still febrile and talked about how to get sustaining food into him to prevent hunger.’
      • ‘Six caregivers reported that pain was a problem for their child before gastrostomy, and half of these caregivers indicated less pain since the gastrostomy.’
      • ‘In order to determine the impact of gastrostomies in 20 children with neurodevelopmental disability, a questionnaire was used to collect caregivers' perceptions both before and after gastrostomy.’
      • ‘A multidisciplinary team and other caregivers experienced with gastrostomies are excellent resources for caregivers contemplating the procedure.’