Definition of gastronomic in English:


(also gastronomical)


  • Relating to the practice of cooking or eating good food.

    ‘the hotel restaurant serves the most exclusive gastronomic delights’
    ‘a gastronomic tour of the South of France’
    • ‘A survey found that many Australians enjoy the gastronomic contributions of other cultures.’
    • ‘It is one of those restaurants where gastronomic quality is less important than artifice, ambience, and the general illusion of having a good time.’
    • ‘Their cooking is an amalgam of indigenous gastronomic heritage, bridging the span between Eastern Mediterranean and Western European traditions.’
    • ‘I directed the topic to things gastronomical, about which my mother knows more than she knows about chic.’
    • ‘Don't miss this family restaurant, where a $10 plate of baby back ribs will result in gastronomical delight or a heart attack.’
    • ‘It reminds one of those 'liqueur' chocolates, grandly labeled, leading one to expect delicious gastronomic sensations, but which actually yield a sickly sugary concoction.’
    • ‘You won't get a hamburger; rather prepare yourself for a gastronomic delight.’
    • ‘It will give an opportunity for the connoisseurs of food to fulfill their gastronomical desires.’
    • ‘No visit is complete without sampling local gastronomic offerings, ideal for cold December nights.’
    • ‘With two very approachable dining rooms, he has an open forum to showcase his gastronomical talents.’