Definition of gastronome in English:



  • A gourmet.

    ‘gastronomes will be fascinated by this guide to French cooking’
    • ‘It caters for invalids as well as hedonists, its waters famed for their efficacy with eye and bladder problems, and the menu is a gastronome's delight.’
    • ‘I do, though, show an interest in food trends, and I can just about get by on a table full of serious gastronomes without them laughing at me - too much.’
    • ‘Larders are stocked up for the winter months ahead and feasting is taken seriously in a country of committed gastronomes.’
    • ‘It is also clear that gastronomes have the freedom to choose between more traditional and molecular cuisine.’
    • ‘This is his second visit to the city and he feels that the gastronomes here have got an appetite.’
    • ‘You will be considered a gastronome if you choose a glass of Porto, a popular Portuguese beverage made from red wine and brandy that is aged in oak barrels for at least five years.’
    • ‘She is currently in discussion with a celebrity chef who may join the two local gastronomes.’
    • ‘‘He's like a gastronome; he gives vision to chefs,’ she says.’
    • ‘‘This is great,’ announced the self-styled gastronome.’
    • ‘Not only does French cuisine have its heroes (the innovative chefs) and its great men (the gastronomes who encourage and criticize the chefs), but its martyrs as well.’
    • ‘Tonight there will be row upon row of long tables set up, where the brave gastronome can tuck into boiled snails or dunk fresh bread into pots of hot, unidentified tagine: Morocco is not ideal for vegetarians.’
    • ‘My friend Ali's parents are a pair of dedicated gastronomes.’
    • ‘But one thing is for sure - if you've made food your guiding principle, the gastronomes will find you, wherever you are.’
    • ‘But whatever they like to be called, be it gastronome or gourmet, bon viveur or epicure, tell them.’
    • ‘On the one hand there were the gastronomes, whose focus was fixed entirely on the pleasure of food.’
    • ‘His stock is also high among gastronomes and his experience as a food-loving father has left its indelible mark at Southbank.’
    • ‘I urge all gastronomes to avoid supporting this unconscionable practice.’
    • ‘Following recovery from World War II, three gastronomes and two professionals met in Paris with a common goal - to restore the pride in culinary excellence which had been lost during the period of wartime shortages.’
    • ‘In fact, the curry flavour is not just seducing gastronomes across the city of Big Ben, but also gradually seeping into London's economy with Indian-owned businesses accounting for five per cent of the city's economy.’
    • ‘For gastronomes visiting later in the season, he is hosting a series of Winter Wine Weeks from the end of March through Easter, featuring the best food and wines from around the world.’
    hedonist, sensualist, pleasure seeker, pleasure lover, sybarite, voluptuary
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Early 19th century: from French, from gastronomie (see gastronomy).