Definition of gastric juice in English:

gastric juice


mass noun
  • A thin, clear, virtually colourless acid fluid secreted by the stomach glands and active in promoting digestion.

    ‘a sample of gastric juice’
    count noun ‘the secretion of gastric juices’
    • ‘The gastric juice in the stomach is extremely acid, and makes food acid as it is digested; this acidity is neutralized when food passes out of the stomach into the duodenum, where the pancreatic juice is slightly alkaline.’
    • ‘The gastric juice is typically full of mucous, and protein leaks through the stomach lining and is lost in the stool.’
    • ‘Additionally, liquids served with a meal delay protein digestion by reducing the concentration of gastric juices.’
    • ‘They then measured the production of gastric juices in their stomachs.’
    • ‘Hence the greater the volume of acid gastric juice passing into the duodenum, the greater the volume of bicarbonate-rich juice produced by the pancreas.’
    • ‘We do not know the length of time after a single aspiration of gastric juice that pepsin can be detected with this immunoassay.’
    • ‘I tried putting my finger down my throat to induce vomiting, but all that came up was a small amount of gastric juice and bile.’
    • ‘My stomach is spontaneously producing gastric juices in response to all the anticipated stress.’
    • ‘Aperitifs traditionally consumed before dinner are often bitter, and work wonders to settle the stomach or get the gastric juices flowing before a meal; they can do the same during a meal.’
    • ‘Eating before a match will not only help you last a lot longer, it will also help settle the gastric juices that make your stomach growl and ward off the feelings of lightheadness and fatigue that can make it difficult to perform well.’
    • ‘It will really help to increase your gastric juice secretions.’
    • ‘For example, reflux occurs when gastric juices or small amounts of food from the stomach flow back into the esophagus and mouth.’
    • ‘Furthermore, this peptide does not need a carrier system, is stable in gastric juice, and can be given intraperitonealy without side effects.’
    • ‘The 14 specimens positive for pepsin strongly suggest that aspiration of gastric juice occurred in 5 of the 30 high-risk patients in the study.’
    • ‘In this condition, there is a reflux of gastric juice, bacteria and partially digested food into the pharynx.’
    • ‘Almost immediately after entry begins, the secretion of gastric juice and mucus starts.’
    • ‘The material collected was resistant to gastric juice, including fish bones, rays, jaws, and teeth of a number of animals, plus crab and insect exoskeletons.’
    • ‘I found we could formulate products that remain stable in saliva and in stomach gastric juices.’
    • ‘As a result, the contents of the stomach could be observed, including the excretion of gastric juices.’
    • ‘Although repeated cultures of blood, sputum, and gastric juice were also negative, Mycobacterium bovis was found in urine samples.’