Definition of gas pipeline in English:

gas pipeline


  • A long pipe, typically underground, for conveying gas over long distances.

    ‘a major gas pipeline is currently under construction’
    • ‘Planning permission is being sought for a local gas pipeline which would fuel the local economy but could damage marine life.’
    • ‘Subsidence of drained marshlands caused gas pipeline fractures, resulting in several dramatic explosions.’
    • ‘Hurricanes on the Gulf Coast have disrupted gas pipelines and refineries, causing supplies to diminish and costs to increase.’
    • ‘The company's natural gas pipelines, its most prized remaining assets, are to be auctioned off.’
    • ‘The company cut pollution by plugging natural gas pipeline leaks and by cutting back on gas flaring at refineries.’
    • ‘The proposed gas pipeline will generate employment for 600 people, including 100 engineers.’
    • ‘Both leaders talked of pushing along a proposal for a 1,600-kilometer gas pipeline that would extend from Iran to India.’
    • ‘The company operates the electricity grid and the main natural gas pipeline.’
    • ‘Total investment in the gas pipeline project is expected to amount to 120 billion yuan.’
    • ‘In northern Russia, melting permafrost has damaged roads, railways, and airport runways and ruptured oil and gas pipelines.’
    • ‘The company has built a gas pipeline from Indonesia to western Australia.’