Definition of gas meter in English:

gas meter


  • A device that measures and records the amount of gas used in a property.

    ‘the guy had come to read the gas meter’
    • ‘Each flat has its own gas meter from which separate pipework runs to the respective flat.’
    • ‘He left with the money from the gas meter.’
    • ‘Most people's gas meters in their backyards are broken.’
    • ‘There's 2 quid left on the gas meter.’
    • ‘I immediately rang back and got a young man who asked for the gas meter reading.’
    • ‘We read and replace gas meters for customers, using information provided to us by our clients (energy companies).’
    • ‘During the day, he works for a company fitting gas meters.’
    • ‘Energy companies are sending letters and emails to customers threatening to break down their front doors to inspect their gas meters.’
    • ‘Her mother Annie was a barmaid and her father a gas meter reader.’
    • ‘Even then there was a further five weeks to wait for a new gas meter to arrive.’