Definition of gas carrier in English:

gas carrier


  • A ship designed to carry liquefied gas in bulk.

    ‘the company provides services to owners of gas carriers and oil tankers’
    • ‘The expansion of the Panama Canal will enable very large gas carrier ships to travel through it.’
    • ‘The U.S shale gas revolution is the primary game changer for the increasing demand for very large gas carriers.’
    • ‘DLNG is an owner and operator of a small fleet of liquified natural gas carriers.’
    • ‘When they are radioed by a huge liquefied gas carrier, lying off a remote atoll, it seems that a typical maritime emergency has come up.’
    • ‘Yards in South Korea have enough orders for gas carriers, tankers and other vessels to keep them busy for 3 years.’
    • ‘It was the first liquid natural gas carrier to make the trip.’
    • ‘He owns a fleet of 27 ships, including dry bulk vessels, tankers and liquid petroleum gas carriers.’
    • ‘The crew of 34 on the Panamanian-registered gas carrier were rescued and there were no casualties.’
    • ‘Its focus on higher-value vessels such as liquefied natural gas carriers is expected to boost pretax profit margins to more than 12% this year.’
    • ‘Postwar he remained focused on ship design and operation, steering the firm into purpose-built ore carriers, gas carriers and drill ships.’